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While doing my research and planning my RILS experience, I conducted a “play-test” of my design to see how things would run. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best traditional artist. My strengths are more in video and photo manipulation, though I love painting and try to practice as much as I can. Continue reading to learn about my experience running my RILS exercise.



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Queeky.com is home to a collaborative community focused on creating and sharing works of art in a friendly, professional, and healthy online setting. The artists there range from amateurs to professionals, to everything in between (like myself.) The premise here is that you can paint and draw whatever you like and have a community of artists view your work and offer advice and critiques.


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I was checking out Mark’s blog and reading his review of a site, Erly.com, which allows you to create and post events in a way similar to a photo album. What makes the site unique is that you can log in to this site, then link your photos from almost any social media network, and post them to a large, shared event. His suggested uses were for his students to post photos from their field trips! I think that’s an awesome idea, and I think it could be taken even further too! To check it out, click here!

Image of the Erly post

The social media sites that you can post from to the Erly site.

Beyond the Erly review, I also strolled over to Valerie’s page and took a look at her review for the PowToon site! PowToon is geared toward a business model for presentations. That being said, Valerie mentions that it appears that educational presentations were an afterthought of the product. After watching her video produced in the software, I liked some of the ideas, but also had some reservations about the program. Click here to read more.


Valerie’s screen capture of her PowToon presentation!

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I had the opportunity to sit down and spend a little time with a new piece of software (at least to me) today, entitled Pixlr (www.pixlr.com). It is, all in all, a very interesting idea; a web-based alternative to the ever popular Photoshop software. There are some things is does very well, and a few other areas where it can’t quite stack up to it’s competition.


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