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I had the opportunity to sit down and spend a little time with a new piece of software (at least to me) today, entitled Pixlr (www.pixlr.com). It is, all in all, a very interesting idea; a web-based alternative to the ever popular Photoshop software. There are some things is does very well, and a few other areas where it can’t quite stack up to it’s competition.



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BP 1 Symbaloo to the Resqoo

I have always been one to have a TON of bookmarks in my browsers. I like to keep track of everything, and there’s no way I can remember the web addresses of all of the required sites to be used for this program 🙂 I also keep my own sites that I like to visit bookmarked. It’s easy, and it saves time. The biggest issue though is that, if I don’t have my laptop, I don’t have my bookmarks either.

After being introduced to Symbaloo, I was blown away. I know it sounds like a sales pitch, but it isn’t. I love how simple and clean the interface is. It only took me about two minutes to figure out how to work everything, and then I was off and running. I added in all of the sites I knew I would need, like my staff and student e-mails, and FSO support etc. Adding in the wordpress blog links was great and easy as well. After getting all of the required assets in, I started to explore some and add in other things. I play fantasy football, so I added a link to my league page. I use a couple of tools for my own workflow (Rescue Time is a big one) so I added those as well.

I spent about half an hour getting those setup, then decided to really explore what Symbaloo had to offer. Upon looking through, there appears to be literally THOUSANDS of different things I can place on my page. I chose a few that interest me; The Discovery Channel, CNN Tech News, and ESPN Sports News. The interesting thing is that these are all RSS feeds, which I can have sent straight into the Symbaloo interface.

I haven’t finished my exploration yet of Symbaloo, but I will definitely be working with it throughout this month. In my followup blogs I’m sure I will have populated my home site with tons of interesting blocks!

My Symbaloo Interface

My Symbaloo interface as it is on creation.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my second blog for the EMDT program! This one will be Super Awesome Blogging 🙂 Hopefully everyone can learn a little something and be entertained along the way!

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‘In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.’ — Eric Hoffer


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